Monday, April 6, 2009

HellOs :)

After long dayzz of boredom instead of reading TONS of blogs everday i thought how about makin my OWN.
SOo now let me introduce myself.

name: mariam abbas ( ONE "s)

favourite color: millions i LOVE every color but my most favourites are gold, white and pale mint...mmm yummy (LOL)

favourite food: FOOD is my weakness lol i eat like a buffalo don't got a favourite.. BUT i can't stand tomatoes (hope that's how you spell it) but i got an exception for tomato sauce LOL

where i live is sydney australia
this blog is bout hijab stuff like that .... don't expect me to blog everyday, as i tend to kinda forget about the whole thing LOL
ANYWAYZZ after this post i will quickly start going hijab post.
now don't worry i'm not going to nagg u'zz about the basic guidelines or stuff like that BUT i will occasionly (whoops i bet u that word iz spelt wrong) post stuff like hijab dont's and stuff like that
but mostly it's FASHION in a MODEST way
and BTW (by the way) i'm not a grown-up woman i'm just your average TEENager.

i think i covered the basics

ENJOY reading my blog

if i remember i have a blog i will post ASAP

MARiiAM xoxo

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