Saturday, April 11, 2009


i'm sooo sorry i have'nt blogged a lot i've been very very busy. here in australia it's now the two-week holidayzz and i've doing some shopping i will soon post what i saw and what i like but remember it's winter here so don't expect flowy dresses and sandals LOL
i've been doing some thinking about my blog as you might have noticed the background has changed that was from anywayzz i was thinking of what to do with my blog to make it more intresting for u guyzz i've been checking other hijabi blogs (i will put a list of them so you could check them out if u want) and they got really intresting stuff going on in there blogs. this is what is going to happen from now on i put it in list order so it's easier to read.
* pick of the week- every week i will pick out something that i really like and show it to you guys.
* inspiration- i will put photos and words anything to inspire you to make cool oufits which then you need to sent to me on my e-mail with your name and the word inspiration with the number next to it. you will understand what i mean when you see the first post and of course send in a picture of your outfit.
* this idea came from a sister called ange she's very fashionable you check out her blog any wayzz this is called "real life hijabi" this is when you guys do some work LOL i need u to send photos of u'zz in your favourite hijabi outfits and i will put them in my blog more details will be in another post. i know i just made this blog and not really many followers so for the time being i will post photos of me and my friends.
*polyvore fashion sets- polyvore is a website which you can put together outfits which they call "sets" check it out on anywayzz i will make hijabi sets. these are just for inspiration but you can buy an item if you realy like it by clicking on the set and all the details will be there for you but i guarantee they will be pricey.
* lets hijabify it- this is when i will post photos of celebrites or models and we try to hijabify the outfit ,like add the hijab, make the top longer etc.
wow i think i covered everything so enjoy reading my blog and you can contact me on my e-mail :
by the way these are my favourite hijab blogs:
enjoy reading them as much as i do!!
LoVe mariam XOXO


Maryam said...

*looks at your name*
No! Not another one.

I challenge you to a duel!

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