Sunday, May 3, 2009

What's in my purse?

i got inspired to do this post by this sis anywayzz the usual stuff i carry in my BIG bag are:

my phone- duh

mirror- incase my hijab goes phsyco

nivea lip care- my lips got to be soft LOL

nivea sos stick- my best-friend it removes your pimple in just one swipe.

hijab pins- just to be on the safe side ;)

a pen- incase someone asks for a autograph

EMERGENCY liners- no comment

wallet- it holds everything receipts,money, business cards etc

sunnies- i carry them in winter too :)

address book- incase i need to go to k-rudds house ;)

mini quran

my usb (memory stick)- all my important info in just on tiny stick

my i-pod- when i get bored

some light snacks- museli bars, gum?

woah i never knew i carry that MUCH stuff

this is how big my average bag is:

an over-sized bag holder

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