Friday, June 19, 2009

this is how every muslim man should be...

Has anyone heard of Hazem El-Masri if you haven't well he's a football player in Australia he's a pretty good player he's famous for his erm... kicks? did i also mention he's Lebanese-Muslim BUT before you think he's just another one of those club-men you need to read this Bcuz seriously he's a really devoted muslim once he stopped a game just becuz he had to pray the maghrib

i found this article about him fasting through a game:

Hazem El Masri fasts through finals

By Josh Massoud and Amy Dale

September 12, 2007 12:00am

The NRL's decision not to switch this weekend's Bulldogs-Eels blockbuster to Sunday afternoon is a godsend for Hazem El Masri.

Had officials heeded calls from the purists, El Masri would have been forced to survive 80 minutes of pulsating finals football without a single drop of water, let alone an orange at half time.

A devout Muslim, the winger will commence fasting for Ramadan tomorrow morning.

In accordance with the annual Islamic ritual, he and fellow adherents are not permitted to eat or drink between dawn and dusk.

El Masri will have to complete this week's remaining day-time training sessions without sustenance but will be able to drink water during Saturday night's clash. Given Ramadan has fallen over summer for most of his career, it's the first time he has faced fasting in a finals series.

Above is him,his wife and kids


Maryam said...

That's nice.

MashaAllah, that's a beautiful family.

Nailz-In-Aus said...

salaamz sis h0w r y0u w0ot more aussiez with blogz yyaayyy

*~Ange~* said...

he is cute. his wife is cute. his kids are cute.

i think his name is even cute (el-masri).

everything is just cute!

MARiiAM said...

Maryam- i know mashallah

Nails in Aus- lol ;)

Ange- "everything is just cute!" lol

Kate said...

I am a 2nd grade teacher and have many girls that wear the hijab and I am so grateful that you are a great, intelligent woman out there!! I think it must be tough for them sometimes and to have role models who look like them is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

when he paly football, does he cover his knees? if he dont he surely is not a devoted muslim......

*Farah Pop* said...

...subhan'allah....imagine how much strength it took for him to do that x