Wednesday, April 15, 2009

inspriation #1

i came across this photo of these lips yesterday so i thought it would make a nice inspiration for a outfit.i love the colors it made me think of a nice summery dress with nice sandals in bright eye-catching colors. even though in oz winter is slowly creeping . but when i saw this photo i instantly thought of my striped dress (the pic is above, also with a close-up of the colors)
here is what i came up with hope you like it:

colorful by MARiiAM:)


Lady Muslima said...

Salams Sis Mariam,

Speaking of colors, please take a look at my site: and feel free to tell me what you think of the colorful tunics & abaya that I sell there ;)

MARiiAM said...

there gorgous i LOVE the colorful abayas and i love that "white orchid tunic" GREAT website :)