Thursday, April 16, 2009

pick of the week #1

i LOVE crotch pants (i call them yasmin pants dont ask lol) the reason i love them soo much is that they go loose on the thighs and the bum. these ones are from supre with the alright price of $30.00 to me that's pretty okay 'cuz sportsgirl has them for $120. below i made a set of how i would wear mine. Before you tell me is'nt tight at the ankles. in my opinion i think it's okay if it's just a bit tight at the ankles. But if you would like looser ones there are some available in other stores.


Anonymous said...

jus cum acros ur blog sis, plz go to mines too...
theres for islamic stuff for hijabi pics
i gt a dua blog and an entertainment 1 too for apprentice n heroes n dat kinda stuff, if u lyk the 2 blogs i cn giv u links to the other blogs if u lyk 2

about ur post lol the pants look like a shalwar

u no a shalwar kameez??what us pakis/kashmiris desis wear ...???

anyways i wear jilbab now n shalwar kameez under.

nice blog..i myt use some pics for my ihijabi blog yh?lol

MARiiAM said...

thnx don't worry use as much pics as you wany LOL :)