Friday, April 17, 2009


i was going thru youtube yesterday then i found this video which really really fired me up in a BAD way. it really disgusted me. it's about this muslim syrian woman who wants to convert into christianity that's okay that's her choice right. but nooooo she wants to go to the extreame and BURN her hijab yes you heard me right BURN this beautiful thing that god gifted to us and told us to wear beacuse we believe in our faith. and she just goes and burns it? astugrifallah

LOOK AT HER FACE she smiling as if she's won the lottery AND everyones is cheering her on

how would they like it if i just got the cross and broke it or got a pic of jesus and BURNT it how would they like it.there was another video which had these hijabis protesting and shouting "YES FOR HIJAB YES FOR HIJAB" i'll give you two versions of it:
the one with the protesting hijabis

the one with english subtitles but without hijabis :(

have you noticed the snowballs keep going in her way like falling on the hijab lol


ModestJustice said...

May Allah swt keep us on the right path insha'allah

That's just sick and twisted. If you're going to convert, fine but don't mock our faith by burning the hijab! This woman seriously needs help with sensitivity classes.

Great post! :D

MARiiAM said...

thanks i know just sick is'nt

firdous said...

the one with sara rasmussen, i think is just like "prank" firstly bcuase its a very normal norwegian name, perhaps she just put a hijab on to make a statement.

anyways, they are so pathetic. i mean... who cares ^^
but i guess its easy to bee a free liberated woman in one of the richest countries on earth. And no figure when statistics show that norwiegians (how does it spell)?? are from the most stupid ppl in europe. lol

for freedom LMAO

Really??????????? said...

If it is wrong to take of hijab, isn't it wrong to convert to Chrisianty, when the Quran says ppl who are Muslims must never convert & if they do they must be killed? Lol!!!

mariam said...

That was really haram. I wish people like that wanish